It’s spring on the Gulf Coast and that means the annual homebuying season is in full bloom. If putting your home on the market is at the top of your to-do list this season, be sure to carve out some time to do some serious spring cleaning. Not only will a thorough cleaning make your home stand out from the crowd, but it will also force you to get rid of the clutter so that prospective buyers can see everything your home has to offer.

It is Ashurst Niemeyer’s primary objective to market your property and sell it for top dollar. Here are some tips for vastly increasing the marketability of your home in today’s housing market.

  1. Clear the Clutter

Nothing says “unappealing” like a cluttered property when you’re trying to sell a home. By cleaning out your home and getting rid of the clutter, you’ll set the stage to attract prospective buyers. Reassess the things in your home and take the time to go through all your closets and give away what you don’t want. Box up as much of your personal stuff as you can and put it in storage. Just make sure it’s out of sight, out of mind when buyers come to call.


  1. Don’t Neglect the Exterior

In today’s low-inventory housing market, a buyer’s first impression of a home matters. Of course, home sellers only get one crack at making a great first impression, and it boils down to one thing: curb appeal.

Well-kept, low-maintenance yards are a huge selling point for most buyers, so do your best to make your lawn look as such. Keep it trimmed, edged, and weeded the entire time it’s on the market, and if you have the resources, add a few potted flowers or plants for an extra pop of color.


  1. Fix Minor Repairs

The more well-maintained your house is, the more justification you have for a high asking price. However, if homebuyers see your property needs a lot of repairs, this can cut into your profits. If your doorknobs are a little loose or your grout around your tiles could use a quick seal fix, make these small repairs now. You may have learned to live with them, but what seems like a little detail to you could look like an eyesore to buyers.


Spring cleaning can be a chore, but it can help give your home the boost it needs to sell. Once you’re ready to hit the market, connect with one of the Ashurst Niemeyer agents to help you find potential buyers. Now let’s get spring cleaning!