There is chatter around Fairhope regarding the apartment complex development that was just approved on Twin Beech Road. No matter what side you are on, the fact is accommodations are needed for the influx of people flocking to the Eastern Shore community. Growth is necessary to balance out the demand. It is inevitable that the once known farm community is defiantly changing. Our Property Management Department is seeing this firsthand as the rental demand has depleted inventory. With high rental demand there is less risk of vacancy therefore driving the rental prices up. Prospective tenants are lining up, which allows for easier screening to find quality tenants for our owners.

Investors want to purchase rental property in an area that has high demand for rental units. The Baldwin County area has all the factors to invest in rental property.  This includes population growth, unemployment rate, job opportunities, rental-rate growth, and overall demand for rental units in the market today. If you are interested in investing or looking for a management company, Ashurst Niemeyer delivers peace of mind that your investment is our priority. For more information on AN Property Management click here.