So many homeowners in Mobile and Baldwin County are sitting on the fence not knowing if they should sell their home now or wait. The current market conditions are truly making this chilly winter along the Gulf Coast an ideal time to make a move. With today’s low inventory of homes on the market, which is contributing to this home price appreciation, sellers are in the driver’s seat. The competition is high among buyers, so homes are selling quickly. This is creating unprecedented demand and an incredible opportunity for home sellers, especially those in desirable neighborhoods along the Eastern Shore from Spanish Fort to Point Clear.

Homeowners that are ready to make a move have the opportunity to negotiate the best possible contracts with buyers.  The caveat of a strong seller’s market is that as a seller, you may struggle to find a new home to buy whether that’s in Mobile, Daphne or Foley. When listing your home, the sale may be made contingent on the seller finding the home of their choice. That’s where a Home of Choice Contingency can come into play. With an HCC in place as part of the sales contract, the transaction is contingent upon the seller finding another home to buy. If the seller can not find a home, then he has ability to void the contract.

If you’re on the fence about selling, you should list your house now to take advantage of the current demand. Consult with an experienced Ashurst Niemeyer real estate agent to better understand how the Home of Choice Contingency can benefit you as the Seller.

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