Ashurst Niemeyer Realtors – Our agents are looking out for you!

30 Jan Ashurst Niemeyer Realtors – Our agents are looking out for you!


Randy captians a boatRandy Niemeyer plays harmonica

Randall ClausRandy catching a fish

There are hundreds of realtors on the Eastern Shore of Alabama.  Why should you choose a realtor from Ashurst & Niemeyer Real Estate?  We have decades of experience behind us and also, our realtors are really cool.  This is especially true of Randy Niemeyer.

Who is that multi-talented Realtor?

Randy is simply the one of the coolest guys I know.  Why is he cool?  See the pictures above …. he plays the harmonica in several bands, he has a motorcycle and can captain a boat.  He has even been seen sporting a red suit and fluffy white beard at a certain time of the year while riding his motorcycle …. need I say more?

You may be asking, how do these ‘cool’ things qualify him to be your realtor?  He’s got that covered.  Randy is the broker at our downtown Fairhope office.   He has been in real estate for 30 years in one form or another.  If you ever attend an art walk in downtown Fairhope with Randy, be prepared; you will  meet half of the people on the eastern shore.  Randy went to Bayside Academy in Daphne and is a very active alumni.  If you catch a Bayside soccer game this Spring, you will likely hear his voice on the loud speaker announcing the game.

Randy, a Realtor who cares about his clients

Several months ago, Randy asked me if I knew of anyone with high school aged girls.  He had just rented a house to a family that moved from California to Fairhope.  He was concerned that the girls didn’t know anyone and thought it would be nice for them to meet someone before school started.  I was able to give their name and number to a friend who moved here several years ago from California.  She also had two girls in high school.  The mothers and girls almost immediately formed a wonderful friendship.  Today the girls are inseparable best friends.

How many of you have a realtor who is concerned enough about you and your family that he will help your kids find friends? The realtors at Ashurst & Niemeyer are that kind of realtors.  We realize that there is a lot going on in your life when you move, and finding the right house is just the start of some big changes.  Give us a call, let us show you how we can help you.