Our fearless leader – The Ashurst of Ashurst Niemeyer Real Estate

01 Jun Our fearless leader – The Ashurst of Ashurst Niemeyer Real Estate




Who is Morgan Ashurst?

Meet our fearless leader at Ashurst & Niemeyer Real Estate, Morgan Ashurst.  Morgan is the co-owner and broker for Ashurst & Niemeyer. He has been in real estate for over 15 years.  Morgan grew up in Fairhope.  Morgan is married to Allison Ashurst, who is ‘photographer extraordinaire’ of all our listings. They have three beautiful children – Scarlett, 9, Hugh, 7, and Julia, 4.  The Ashursts attend Fairhope United Methodist Church.

We are so proud of Morgan at Ashurst Niemeyer – 2016 was a huge year for him in real estate Morgan was named Baldwin County Realtor of the Year as well as State of Alabama Realtor of the year.  But Morgan’s biggest accomplishment was assisting his daughter, Scarlett, through all stages of the Grandman Triathlon.

Morgan wears several hats and is hard to keep up with.  If he can’t be found selling residential or commercial real estate, then he could be acting as Secretary for the Alabama Real Estate Commission or leading an Outback America retreat or coaching his son’s ball team.  Morgan also serves as the President for an organization that’s dear to him called My Team Triumph/Southern Alabama.  My Team Triumph is  an organization that makes it possible for children, teens and adults with disabilities to experience endurance events.  These events include marathons, triathlons and road races.   If you’d like to see them in action, look for them this weekend at the Grandman!  For more information about this fabulous organization you can visit their website –  www.mtt-southernalabama.org.

What Makes Morgan a Great Realtor?

Morgan literally grew up in the world of real estate.  His mother, Judy Niemeyer, co-founder of Ashurst & Niemeyer, started her real estate career in 1978, so Morgan was always around real estate.  After graduating college he spent time in New York City in the world of stocks and finances.  It wasn’t long before he realized real estate was where he wanted to invest his future.  He moved back to Fairhope and soon thereafter founded Ashurst & Niemeyer Real Estate.  When you’ve been in the business as long as he has, you get to know the types of problems that can pop up in real estate (and there are a lot of them!).  But with those experiences, you also learn how to handle them effectively, and that’s what makes Morgan a great Realtor.