The Niemeyer behind Ashurst & Niemeyer

03 May The Niemeyer behind Ashurst & Niemeyer

Meet Judy Niemeyer

The origins of Ashurst & Niemeyer Real Estate go back over 35 years.   Judy Niemeyer started in the real estate business in 1979.  While Judy is originally from Montgomery, Alabama and a graduate of the University of Alabama, she has been on the Eastern Shore over 35 years.   Her love of the area has turned into an amazing career in real estate.  In 2009, she and her son, Morgan Ashurst, formed Ashurst & Niemeyer Real Estate.  Together they have grown their business into one of the top real estate agencies in the area.  With a relatively small number of agents, they have accomplished  what many large companies strive for.

Judy is married to Carlton Niemeyer and has a wonderful blended family.  She has two children, Morgan Ashurst and Alisha Wallace, and two step children, Randy Niemeyer and Michael Niemeyer.  Judy has 8 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren whom she loves to spend time with.  She is an avid tennis player and loves to get away to ski at Park City, Utah as often as she can.  AND, she is very active in the community, donating a lot of her time to causes such as Baldwin County Child Advocacy Center and Impact 100.

Just When You Think You’re All Set…

Because Judy has been helping clients buy and sell real estate for over 30 years, you can imagine that she has had many memorable situations.   Read below to hear of one of her most memorable, from her perspective:

Late one Friday afternoon, a corporate client and his wife arrived on the Eastern Shore from California ready to purchase a home. I had been eagerly anticipating their arrival and was prepared to start this search as soon as they arrived at the office.  After our introductions, we headed out in my 3 month old, top of the line SUV.  It was the middle of July and very hot, so I turned the air conditioner down so we would all be comfortable.  The wife was about seven and half months pregnant, and was very patient with her husband who was relocating to Alabama at such a challenging time for her.  We wanted to keep her very comfortable.

Because the husband would be working in Mobile, we first headed to Spanish Fort Estates, which is the closest to Mobile. As we travelled up the hill, my wonderful new car started slowing down.  The harder I pushed the accelerator, the less power the car had.  When we finally reached the top of the hill, the car completely stopped running.  So I had stranded this couple who had flown all the way from California, (remember, his wife is 7 months pregnant) with no air conditioning, in the middle of July heat and humidity.

Luckily, I was able to reach my husband and within 30 minutes, we had another car to finish our search. This kind couple did buy a home in Spanish Fort, and that was not the end of my relationship with them.  In fact, we will be closing the fourth house they have purchased with me next month.  Customers become loyal clients and I am so appreciative of all of them.