15 Feb Eastern Shore Real Estate – We do Real Estate Every Day and Sometimes We Get Lost


Meet Another Fabulous Realtor – Becky Feltus

At Ashurst & Niemeyer Real Estate, we help people buy and sell real estate all over Baldwin County every day.  Sometimes it is exciting, sometimes it is frustrating, and sometimes realtors get lost!  Meet Becky Feltus, one of our fabulous agents at Ashurst & Niemeyer.  Becky has been in real estate for the past 12 years.  She was born in Chicago, moved to the south over 35 years ago, graduated from The University of Alabama, and has been in Fairhope 13 years.  She has two beautiful daughters who are grown and on their own.

A Day in the Life of a Realtor – Getting Lost

In her own words, here’s a little glimpse into a challenge Becky and other realtors face on occasion.

“One of the aspects of being a realtor is the reality of getting lost.  When I am driving around buyers, I tend to get quite wrapped up in our discussions.  A lot of times, that means I neglect to use Google maps which is oh so handy on my cell phone.  Once I get a little turned around due to my confident knowledge of the area mixed with a bit of stubbornness, I still refuse to face that reality I am lost and I continue to ignore Google maps.

I have found that the trick is not admitting the ugly truth of the matter to my buyers and trying to recoup my place on the map.  Usually, I am able to regain my position and only lose a mile or two.  Other times, with the help of my buyers, we enjoy being lost and enjoy absorbing sights we may not have ever encountered before.  Thus, adding to the typically wonderful adventures of showing property in our beautiful Baldwin County.”

If You Need a Realtor, Give Us a Call

If you need a realtor, please don’t hesitate to call us.  We are more than happy to answer questions and help you in any way we can.  You can visit our website at www.AshurstandNiemeyer.com and see every home that is available in all of Baldwin County.