An Unlikely Pair – Relationships Matter

11 Apr An Unlikely Pair – Relationships Matter

Meet Colin McBrearty

Colin McBrearty is a native of Fairhope.  He graduated from Fairhope High School and then headed off to the University of Mississippi (Go Rebs!).  After graduating from Ole Miss with a real estate degree, Colin moved to Nashville where he started his career in real estate.  He lived in Nashville for 4 years, met his lovely wife, Melanie, and decided to move back to Fairhope 2 years ago.  They are now busy and extremely excited to be designing, building, and tweaking their dream home!

An Unlikely Pair  – A Lasting Relationship

At Ashurst Niemeyer Real Estate, relationships are why we do what we do.  Sometimes these relationships have a lasting impact.  While working in real estate in Nashville, Colin came across a unique client with whom he developed a special relationship.  Here’s their story….

Everyone has that one client that makes you love what you do.  For Colin McBrearty, that person is Loretta Harris.  Loretta was an older single woman who worked at a hospital in Nashville as a sitter for lonely, sick patients.  Loretta owned a house that she had lived in for many years in what was becoming a newly popular area in East Nashville.  Builders were trying to buy houses in her neighborhood to create a commercial development.  The builders went through the area to see who wanted to move and who didn’t.  Loretta was one of the ones that didn’t want to move, but was willing to let Colin show her properties to “see” what might be available that she would like.

Loretta became a challenging client, but eventually she agreed to sell.  When her house sold in one week, Colin had a very short time to find her another place to live.  Colin would pick her up and often spend hours a day driving her around from one side of Nashville to the other because she only liked houses on the outskirts of town.  Once they made an offer on a house he would drive 25 minutes from his office to her house to get her signature each time it was needed on any document because she didn’t have email.  Colin quickly learned the importance of being punctual and thorough – principles he still sticks to today.  In the end she found the perfect place to call her new home.

Five Years Later…

To this day, Colin regards this transaction – as difficult as it was – as his most meaningful.  Loretta was BEYOND appreciative, she was truly grateful for his guidance and patience and frequently told him so.  She began thinking of Colin as a confidant and a local expert for day-to-day questions.  She would call him to see how he was doing and always ended her messages with “Love you”.    To this day she still sends him pictures of her house and tells him how happy she is.  On every holiday, Colin receives emoji filled text messages.  Colin will always think back on Loretta with fondness and thank her for the lessons she taught him and the stories she shared.  He strives to treat each client he has with the same diligence and care.